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To use human-centered design thinking to increase the effectiveness and reach of companies committed to making the world better than it was yesterday. All great things happen because someone makes the effort. And the best individual I know, and can count on to get things done in design strategy consulting, is me. With that belief in mind, imagine what ‘We’ can accomplish.


A-Team endeavors to be the first people that decision-makers at bold and innovative young companies call upon, every time they are thinking of Dramatic Growth. We will strive to be their Growth Catalyst of Choice.


The A-Team is built on foundations of Unbiased Opinions, Effectiveness, Accountability, Transparency, Simplicity & Strong Business Ethics.

About A-Team

Business Consulting

Use Design Thinking, Improve the World!

Time and change are formidable resistances for even large, global companies. Imagine then, their effect on Start-ups and Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs).

The world however, needs more enterprising young companies, to lead global innovation, to keep larger businesses on their toes, and to maintain a good pace in innovation and technological advances for the benefit of mankind. In fact, most often, it is these young, innovative companies that are also closest in touch with present and future needs of consumers, understanding and responding rapidly to global and local problems with innovative and logical solutions.

Since 2012, Shrutin N Shetty has been committed to working with young companies in India and abroad, helping them understand their customers better, and get to the root of complex business problems. He then uses human-centered design thinking to help companies innovate and create new products, services, solutions and customer experiences.

Shrutin is supported at the A-Team by a team of capable external consultants and together they bring over 200 man years of rich, diverse experience to clients they serve.

So far, Shrutin has had the privilege of working with companies in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman and Abu Dhabi.

He also works with Angel Investors, assessing investment opportunities for them and helping their portfolio companies with growth and customer strategy.

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We Believe

The A-Team believes in businesses that are built to go the distance.

We believe in businesses that are created with the purpose of retaining customers in the long run, by way of products and services that delight.

We believe that if businesses have their strategies, processes and great service in place, competition simply disappears.

If you are building such a business, we'd like to help you grow it faster and better.

GET IN TOUCH TODAY, to know how we can help your company pursue complex opportunities or tackle complex problems.

A Confession

It is said that an expert is one who knows more & more about less & less... (till he or she knows everything about nothing). Hhahaha. It's true! It's probably because anyone who considers themselves an expert, feels they've already arrived (and therefore have stopped learning). And with that title, often comes more assumptions, feelings of entitlement, fear and complacency. The wisest people always remain students, learning the new, and further understanding the old. We are not experts. And we assure you we will never become experts. We will always strive only to be empathetic and ever-curious growth partners who want to help your company grow faster & better.

About Shrutin N Shetty

Passionate about young, enterprising businesses, Shrutin started A-Team Business Consulting to offer increasingly relevant services to innovative, young companies and to entrepreneurs, as well as to aspiring entrepreneurs, in areas ranging from the business vision, business differentiation, innovation, growth strategy and customer delight.

He recently authored a book on Design Thinking titled 'Design the Future', towards bringing more clarity and appreciation for the old but increasingly relevant mindset of human-centered design thinking. His book is available as a paperback across leading online bookstores worldwide, and in ebook format on the Amazon Kindle and Kobo platforms.

He has served as an Examiner for innovation and improvement projects for the prestigious QualTech Prize for many years, and taught business models and design thinking to post-grad design students at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

Shrutin started his career with a tiny stint at a restaurant, and then at Hewlett Packard’s BPO in Bangalore, where he learnt the power of customer experience and service. Later, he was part of SVCL’s investment team, that managed INR 600 crore in Venture Capital funds. Based in Mumbai, he worked on investments of INR 130 crore, and oversaw the performance of 9 portfolio companies. He has assessed over 900 businesses and advised entrepreneurs and management teams on their business and revenue models, strategy and fundraising during his stint there. The determination, vision and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs created a heightened sense of appreciation and respect for young companies, and he was determined to make their challenging journey a little easier and more worthwhile for them and their customers.

Prior to starting the A-Team, Shrutin led western India operations (strategy, marketing service) as General Manager at TTPL, a high-tech manufacturing company that served the automotive and auto-ancillary industries. Based in Pune, he was responsible for introducing the company’s industrial robot automation solutions and ERP services to the region.

Shrutin is a Computer Engineer (at NITTE, under VTU, Karnataka), an MMS in Finance (University of Mumbai), a human-centered Design Thinker (Executive Education, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, USA), a Certified Quality Improvement Associate (Qimpro College, partner of Quality Council of Indiana, USA), and has undergone Private Equity Management Training for Investment Professionals (joint program by the Indian & European Venture Capital Associations).

When he is not thinking of better ways to help clients innovate and grow, Shrutin enjoys blogging, cycling, making car & plane models with Styrofoam or Lego, and reviewing products and services. He also mentors the occasional startup or entrepreneur who aspires to improve the world.

Via the A-Team, Shrutin hopes to bring about positive changes to India and the world, with efforts and sustained positive changes in his interactions and work with individuals & receptive businesses.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn and on Twitter, and follow his blog here.