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    The A-Team
    Working on improving the world, one company at a time

What is Design Thinking? Popular definitions of Design Thinking say it is a methodology or mindset that puts users or customers at the center of the innovation or problem-solving exercise.

To us, Design Thinking is an effort that begins and gains momentum with humility, and then works its magic with empathy and design thinking tools.

We believe innovation and innovative problem solving are both inspired by actual users or customers. And a Design Strategist can tap into unexpressed insights in the user’s mind, only with a mindset of humility and empathy. And when that happens, users work with a Design Strategist to conceptualize innovative solutions that would otherwise have been inconceivable.

Hi. My name is Shrutin N Shetty. Welcome to the A-Team website.

Since 2012, we have been helping young companies in India and abroad that are serious about their business, to Innovate & Grow.

I believe young companies lead global innovation and change. And that they are highly attuned to the present & future needs of customers, understanding & responding rapidly to global or local problems with innovative, implementable & effective solutions.

With a team of capable, external consultants, we bring over 200-man years of rich & diverse experience to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Startups, helping them grow significantly. We help them understand their customers better, and get to the root of business problems. We then use human-centered Design Thinking to help them Innovate and conceptualize new products, services or solutions, and grow dramatically.

We also conduct Design Thinking Workshops for company teams.

We've served some great companies in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman & Abu Dhabi.

We hope to do our bit to improve the world, by working with companies committed to making a difference.

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